Client Testimonials

On behalf of my wife and myself, I’d like to thank you for the help you and your team have provided us over the years. When we originally met in 2002, I had recently sold my business. You put together a comprehensive financial plan which included our estate plan. I had two objectives at the time: 1) invest the proceeds from the sale of my business and, 2) leave a legacy for my children. My other investment advisors are stock brokers who don’t have the capacity to do estate planning.

My expectations were to preserve and grow my equity to pass on to my wife and children. Through your recommendation we established an insurance policy with a tax-assisted investment account. The insurance programme and financial/estate planning has brought us comfort. In thinking about your practice I have been impressed with your level of diligence and caring. I’d like to commend you and your team on the great work you‘ve done, and what a pleasant experience it has been working with you. - W.W

Since 1998 you have advised my wife and I on the management of our investment portfolios and our life insurance, all within the context of our financial plan.

I have been investing for over 30 years and spent a lot more time doing it myself in the early years. I reached a point in my career where I no longer had the time to do it properly. I felt the financial advisors I was using before you did not necessarily have my best interest at heart. I felt there was a conflict of interest in their recommendations. In contrast, I like your compensation model and feel that you are advising us with our best interest in mind.

I take comfort in your services because I trust you; I believe you to be committed and you take the initiative. I believe that you will continue to meet our changing needs as we are philosophically in tune. Your practice is unique because of the personalized service you provide. You really take the time to get to know people you are dealing with. I have the impression that you haven’t taken on so many clients that you spread yourselves thin. - R.H.

We would like to thank you for helping us with our financial affairs since 2002. You initially provided a comprehensive assessment of our financial status as we were contemplating retirement and ultimately gave us the confidence to do so. You have followed this up consistently with appropriate information and advice to help us stay on track, both with our financial planning and with our retirement nest egg – being proactive in selection (and replacement, as required) of money managers, and in keeping us informed of developments on an ongoing basis.

Throughout our working relationship you accepted our opinions and responded positively to our needs – this has been critical to us. We feel that you always have our best interest in mind. Accessibility, genuineness and responsiveness are qualities that come to mind when we consider what is unique about your services. With reference to the 2008 bear market we found particular comfort in the way in which you proactively communicated with us throughout the stressful time. It was a professional and factual exchange rather than a marketing presentation.

Finally, we were impressed and comforted when you respected our intention to place some RRSP funds with money managers providing socially responsible options. Rather than making us feel “silly” or unreasonable because we were putting ethical considerations before financial returns, you immediately conducted significant research to identify the best money managers who met our criteria. - G.B. and E.V.

We would like to begin by thanking you for your assistance and personal treatment. You have been advising us on our investments and financial planning since 2003. Initially, you helped us to invest our RRSPs and RESPs, later setting up a group RRSP at our business and eventually a family trust.

Prior to working with your team we had been investing with our bank where we felt we were not given much attention. Your team has been proactive in helping us to do what we needed to do to secure our retirement.

We feel that your continuous research gives you the ability to confidently make recommendations and changes if needed. We trust you and feel that you are looking out for our best interest.

One of the features that we feel makes you practice unique is your type of communication. Communication is an important service you provide and it is made available in such a fashion that we can pick and choose to participate if we wish, e.g. webinars, money manager seminars.- D.M. and K.M.

Thank you for the assistance you have provided our consulting company and my family since 1996. We were reminiscing the other day how I was your first financial planning client – your guinea pig. Well, here we are all these years later and a lot has changed over that time, both my situation and your practice.

For our company, you helped us assess and put in place several key-person life insurance policies as well as setting up our group RRSP. Although the programs have been modified over time to meet the changing market conditions and our needs, these programs are still in place today and have served us well.

For my personal investments I was looking for more hands-on, personal attention when I wasn’t happy with my broker at the bank. I felt that there wasn’t enough attention given to my portfolio size for the fees that were being charged. That has changed with the move to your team.

On your advice, we recently changed money managers. I appreciate you raising the alert when you felt there were better options available. It isn’t always easy to initiate or accept change but I value the fact that you were objective about it and were both proactive and thorough in initiating that switch. It certainly has been worthwhile.

Trust and advice are a given with you and your team. I would add that personal service is a hallmark of your practice. The relatively small size of your team allow for this level of service. - V.C.

We have been working together since 2005. In addition to the completion of a written comprehensive financial plan, you have been managing an investment account for me. There has been some serious volatility in the markets over this period of time, and I appreciate the due diligence you have and continue to bring to bear on my situation. When we started working together, I had two main issues on the top of my mind: 1) to make a sound business decision, and 2) the preservation of capital.

I feel confident that you know what you are doing. In particular, I appreciate how you stay on top of the money managers. Your recommendation to make changes when necessary has had a positive effect on performance numbers.

I find your lines of communication very good. I don’t take advantage of all the seminars and webinars you offer but I can pick and choose when I want to participate. I find you are always available for a call or a meeting.

What made me decide to hire you was the fact that you used the right amount of persistence and we had a good personality match. Your whole team has a good demeanor about them – not too pushy and they have always shown me respect.

As with any business, what makes you unique is your team. - G.B.

My decision to hire you as my financial planner, to assist and advise me with my long-term financial management, was based on the relationship developed since you helped my business partners and I set up a group health plan in the late 90’s.

While I’ve previously worked with other independent financial planners as well as directly with banking institutions, I was never able to develop the right level of trust and comfort with them. Over the time that I’ve known you, your personal system of values and ethics, as well as your ability to always learn from what was going on around you; make a strong impression on me.

On the one hand, I wanted to set up a long-term plan that would require minimal intervention on my part. On the other hand I wanted to give myself the room to make changes when I needed to without jeopardizing that plan. You were able to provide me with a plan that combined a variety of RRSP and Open investment accounts with different levels of liquidity; which, in the time since, has been invaluable in enabling me to make the right financial decisions when I needed to.

I continue to appreciate that I can delegate a lot of the financial planning and investment research to you and your team; I have great confidence in you and your team’s ability to provide the best financial planning service for me, based both on your expertise as well as your personal values. - K.Y.

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank you and your team for the assistance you have provided our family since we started working together in 2005. Although we first met in 1999 at an OCRI Technology Executive Breakfast, it wasn’t until I was faced with the imminent layoff in the tech sector that I engaged your services. The big issue on my mind at the time was how we were going to survive during retirement if I suddenly became unemployed. The financial plan that you provided for me was most useful for that retirement assessment, and brought my wife and me a good deal of peace of mind. At the same time, we decided to move our investment accounts to you.

Before working with you, I dealt with a stock broker for many years with whom I met on an annual basis. He wasn’t a financial planner and was unable to help us with our retirement questions to our satisfaction. We were increasingly uncomfortable with his desire to switch and choose mutual funds in our portfolio without any discernible logical system and so we contacted you.

Our decision to hire you was based on developing trust. Your openness at our first meeting and lack of pressure encouraged our initial engagement. Ever since we met, you had provided good data and logical analysis with reference to money manager selection criteria – a significant amount of due diligence. You had kept in touch with me for a long period of time without being annoying. In addition, when I asked you what investment advice you had been giving your clients over the years you openly provided the data. My independent analysis showed that your investment recommendations had been quite successful. You were open about how some of the managers had changed their mandates since you hired them and felt it necessary to replace those managers. In short, you had a system that I could relate to.

I was looking for an investment solution where I didn’t’ have to manage the investments myself. I felt much less than expert in investing, and my wife is not even interested. I wanted someone else to manage our investments in the best way possible with little maintenance require on our part. I wanted our financial affairs to be well structured so that my wife can follow them while I am alive, and easily continue should I die before her.

During the alarming bear market of 2008 you laid on several meetings and presentation for us that helped us weather the storm emotionally. They put things into perspective and provide better understanding. Of course you cannot completely insulate us from market fluctuations, especially the sort of broadly based decline that we are now recovering from. However the level of communications that you provide, e.g. webinars and money manager seminars, is very useful and proactive. I never received this level of communication form my previous advisor. - P.P.

Until we started working with you we had been managing our own portfolios but found that we no longer had the time to do it properly ourselves. In addition, we wanted to have a financial plan completed for our retirement so that we could comfortably retire in our 50’s.

We feel confident in your decisions and appreciate your research on appropriate money managers. We also appreciate the personalized service you provide us – following up and making sure we meet a couple of times a year. - L.P. and C.P.