Security Selection

Ayur Financial Strategies doesn’t compete with the best. We hire the best. We strategically chose not become stock brokers but rather to apply our disciplined selection criteria to out source the day-to-day buy-sell decisions to the best money managers available. Our proprietary money manager selection criteria allows us to hire, and replace when necessary, seasoned professionals with long-term proven track records of producing superior returns and preserving capital all within acceptable tolerance for volatility for each unique client situation.

Money manager performance is constantly monitored for absolute and relative peer and index performance.

We maintain full flexibility regarding where our money managers are employed - banks, mutual fund companies, discretionary money management firm, insurance companies, etc. We are fully independent and not obligated to use any supplier.

This approach to security selection allows us to devote the majority of our time on developing the most efficient and effective strategic plan for each unique client situation.

We also have a platform in place for those clients who wish to hold individual securities.

Even though we employ a time-tested Investment Strategy and ensure we have top managers making prudent buy-sell decisions, markets are cyclical. For this reason we employ strategic and proprietary Tactical Strategies to preserve capital, for the most important principal of investing is to preserve your capital.