Investment Philosophy

Research has proven that the majority of investment returns are the result of proper asset allocation.

Our first step is to determine the appropriate asset allocation best suited to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. For example, as a result of in-depth discussions, it may be recommended that a client hold a portfolio with a certain percentage in equities (e.g. stocks) and a certain percentage in fixed income (e.g. bonds). Furthermore these securities will be divided geographically - where the companies head office is located and/or where revenues are generated. Finally, there will be a diversification of the equities by investment style (value and growth) and capitalization (large, medium and small). This well diversified strategy forms the core of many of our clients portfolios.

For our clients who are more aggressive we may explore alternative investment opportunities that may yield superior returns over the long term, but will be more volatile over the shorter periods of time. 

Ayur Financial Strategies enjoys a high degree of congruence in values. However, we constantly challenge each other on how we implement our ideas. This produces a very healthy and fresh environment for introducing new ideas. Having said this, our investment philosophy has changed very little since the inception of this practice in 1996. However, the money managers who we have hired to implement our philosophy has changed over time (see Security Selection).