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The success of our investment advice lays in the unique combination of our time-tested Investment Philosophy, world-class Security Selection and proprietary Tactical Strategies.

Investment PhilosophyInvestment Philosophy
 Security Selection Tactical Strategies

So many investors take an emotional approach to investing – making decisions based on gut feelings, current markets or the latest fad. As a result, they tend to buy and sell too frequently, and at the wrong times, leaving them farther and farther from their dreams.

Our team has designed a unique, disciplined process for creating a successful investing framework. It starts with an analysis of your risk tolerance, time horizon and objectives for the money you wish to invest. Once your risk profile is established, our system is put to work.

It allows us to choose from an array of investment options to build the optimal portfolio for your needs – one that will help you earn the long-term rate of return you need to reach your goals, at a risk level you are comfortable with in the near term.

The system also ensures your portfolio stays on track. Our clients take comfort knowing that Ayur Financial Strategies are continuously monitoring portfolio performance against the changing market context, based on specific criteria rather than emotion.

Through regular reviews, and as your life evolves, we will make any necessary adjustments to your portfolio to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

To receive information about Ayur Financial Strategies' portfolio process or to speak to a member of our team about your overall investment plan, please contact us.