How helping your adult kids financially became the new normal

15 August, 2017

One of the biggest 21st-century paradigm shifts in personal finance could be the growing extent to which parents are financially supporting their adult children.... Read More

A how-to guide from the ultra-rich: What to tell your kids about money

27 June, 2017

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Rather than answer the question, the gentleman recounted a recent trip he took with his grandchildren to his parents' Midwest homestead. His father was a laborer who had grown up with no money in a tiny house packed with half a dozen siblings.... Read More

Which Nortel Pension Option Is Best For You and Your Family?

13 October, 2016

At the invitation of our former Nortel pensioner clients, we attended two town hall meetings hosted by the NRPC (Nortel Retirees and former employees Protection Canada)... Read More

6 Obstacles to Creative Thinking and How to Overcome Them

11 October, 2016

You have amazing creative talent and skills, you just have to learn how to unlock your abilities. There are six major obstacles to creative thinking that could be preventing you from learning how to improve your problem solving skills for business su... Read More


29 June, 2016

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The media is certainly getting its share of advertising revenues today. I’ve read several articles on Brexit (UK referendum to leave the European Economic Union) and have selected one video and one article to share with you.  All I can say it thank goodness... Read More

Where economic despair and xenophobia meet, you’ll find Trumpism – and Brexiters

28 June, 2016

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In November 2000, Americans stayed up all night awaiting the results of a close presidential election. As the night wore on – turning into months until a Supreme Court verdict pronounced George W. Bush the winner – the depth of our national divide emerged... Read More

Fear: Good For Fighting Wooly Mammoths, Bad For Investment Strategy

27 June, 2016

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Fear and the uncertainty it creates is the biggest motivator for investors. Unfortunately, that misdirected motivation can cause big loses in your portfolio.  We’ve now seen the initial effects of Brexit. Instead of selling your stock, how about stepping... Read More

As we watch the stock markets tank and surge on the Brexit news this is a good reminder.

27 June, 2016

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This is a good reminder.   Read More